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no women no art - nie ma sztuki bez kobiet


No Women No Art. There is no art without women. This is our only motto. For the past 5 years we have been presenting only female artists and their works. The restrictions end here.


We do not divide culture into official culture and off culture. We do not work out the ratio between the recognized female artists and those whom we help to make the first step in their artistic career. Neither the festival theme nor the theme of the year-round initiative has ever explored the woman, womanhood or its variety. Together with the invited female artists we deal with diverse subjects affecting everyone. We comment on reality with the voice of the artists.


We present good art, which often can be included in the 'art for social change' movement, because we like when what we do makes a difference. Thus, we are interested in art that is involved in our context and that speaks about the everyday life. We live in a city, so its space is the obvious theme and place of our actions.


We present the artworks of both recognized female artists, such as Sally Potter, and debuting ones, such as Malina Prześluga. We exhibit avant-garde female artists, such as Pippilotti Rist, and the works of those artists who are considered to be the pillars of popular culture, such as Pola Negri. We invite urban provocateurs such as Olek, who sewed up the center of Poznań and the Wall Street Bull statute, and thinkers such as Bianka Rolando and Shirin Neshat. We present theater plays such as “The Women's Choir” and paint murals (Ella).


We present art that we find to be good, valuable and important. Sometimes we do this even in spite of public opinion, which can break Julia Curyło's 2-meter long air tulip in the middle of the night, considering the artist's installation to be a joke in urban space. We can pay respect and restore the legacy of not always recognized female artists, as well as make and take a joke.


As an association we organize the No Women No Art Festival only once a year in the fall, but we support female artists all year long. We run the No Women No Art Gallery, organize special events, promote selected events, attentively observe and encourage what happens in the art of women every day. And really great things happen in it. We know that there is no art without women. We want to make this clear to everyone.