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no women no art - nie ma sztuki bez kobiet


No Women No Art. There is no art without women. This is our only motto. For the past 5 years we have been presenting only female artists and their works. The restrictions end here.


We present the artworks of both recognized female artists, such as Sally Potter, and debuting ones, such as Malina Prześluga. We exhibit avant-garde female artists, such as Pippilotti Rist, and the works of those artists who are considered to be the pillars of popular culture, such as Pola Negri. We invite urban provocateurs such as Olek, who sewed up the center of Poznań and the Wall Street Bull statute, and thinkers such as Bianka Rolando and Shirin Neshat. We present theater plays such as “The Women's Choir” and paint murals (Ella). We live in a city, so its space is the obvious theme and place of our actions.


This year we expand the Festival beyond the city center. We have proven that the streets are ours, now it is time to make conquests in entire city districts. We are opening there Culture Kiosks around which the main program of No Women No Art MEETINGS revolves. Events for kids are organized on a bus driving around Łazarz, Rataje and Piątkowo. The city center is where a whole range of cultural events take place. The movie events include the retrospective of Miranda July and the theater events feature a theater play on Maria Komornicka – an extraordinary writer – entitled “Komornicka: The Seeming Biography” written by Weronika Szczawnicka with Anita Sokołowska in a leading role of  the artist who preferred to be Piotr Włast. The musical events feature the concert of Girls Rock, which will open the festival week, and the fashion events include the entertaining Fun Fashion Design Day. The “hall” events will act as a 'honeypot' for the festival MEETING with Pola Dwurnik, Ela Jabłońska and Joanna Wowrzeczka-Warczok as well as attract the general public to take part in various actions in the Poznań courtyards and residential districts consisting of large blocks of flats.


Finally, the Festival is an excuse for a MEETING. Let's meet during No Women No Art.